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ech HR: Technology trends that will reshape the HR industry post COVID-19

COVID-19 and the lockdown phase have provided lot of opportunities for technology to become a biggest enabler in terms of connecting, engaging with employees. At the same time it has led to advancement and developments into technology for making HR and business practices more meaningful.

Currently with technology right from basis of marking attendance to measuring performance and engaging with employees is driven through technology. HR Analytics and AI are now changing the way workforce engagements are being planned. This integration will take the engagements to the next level. Instead of a common or a generic agenda for all employees, it will enable customised engagements for each employee and to the extent what would engage an employee on that particular day e.g. his mood during the day could lead to customised engagements that are routed to the employees through the analytics and AI integration. So this integration surely makes the future of HR very exciting at the same time challenging, as it would lead to transformations in the way HR and HR leaders think to align themselves to this agenda.

Moreover it will also require the HR fraternity to start developing and acquiring technology skills which wasn’t the requirement so far. The combination of human and digital touch is what would be the success factors for future HR.

With the lockdown and with the increased technology, employment is no longer going to be restricted to offices or even local geographies. Lockdown has led to transformation in through process and practices where organisations are investing in building the work from home / distant places as the new working culture. This will ensure that you no longer need to be in the local city to do your job, until the role demands it.

Every global citizen is your future employee; all organisations only need to evaluate the fitment and suitability. All organisations have initiated their policies that enable work from home. It’s also lead to increased use of technology to monitor productivity, efficiency, data security and other important elements. Its lead to HR exploring different platforms to stay connected with employees.

Right from using zoom, WebEx and other online platforms for conducting meetings, townhalls, etc. to using online games and apps for engaging with employees for fun activities. The HR platforms are now evolving and getting more aligned to providing business needs aligned with HR practices e.g. we can track locations of employees from where they are marking attendance, places they travel throughout the day. HR technology also ensures that they are provided with knowledge, information on the go. It also allows to test knowledge retention at all times.

Overall the technological breakthroughs and the integration of analytics and AI is what is going to be way forward for HR and will provide a different outlook.A

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