7 Important job search tips you should never neglect

Are you unable to find a perfect job? If yes, it’s time to review your job search approach.

Many job seekers often forget the simple things that can help them find the right job. To help you stay ahead in the game, let us help remind you of the simple yet effective job search techniques that are well-known but often less paid attention to. Read on to know more.

Job search tips you should never forget 

1. Read the job description carefully

Instead of applying randomly to any job, it is always suggested that you should read the job description carefully to understand if it is a right fit for you. Applying to jobs that match your skills and experience increases your chances of getting shortlisted. Therefore, your focus should be on the quality of your job applications and not quantity to save your resume from going to the trash by recruiters.

2. Tailor-made your resume to be an ‘obvious’ fit

One size doesn’t fit all. Similarly, the same resume doesn’t work for all job openings and recruiters’ needs. To customize your resume, it is imperative to understand the job description thoroughly and then tweak it to best fit the job opening. Customize your CV for the keywords mentioned in a job description to multiply your chances of getting shortlisted for the job interview. Moreover, with employers now relying on smart hiring techniques like Application Tracking System (ATS), it takes no time for the recruiter to reject 1 in every 10 job seekers due to irrelevant CVs. By irrelevant CV we mean the CVs that are not customized as per the job requirements.

3. Add skills that meet the job requirements

Hiring managers prefer and shortlist resumes that include relevant skills matching the job description. Therefore, optimize your CV by adding the required skills in a prominent way to add value to your application. Highlighting your most relevant skills or certifications make your resume stand out.

4. Showcase your achievement

Recruiters are more interested in gauging how you can be an asset for the job opening. Hence, instead of filling 605 of your resume with your job responsibilities, focus more on highlighting your accomplishment in your current job role. Achievements create a favorable situation for you as it clearly shows employers what you are capable of doing.  What you learned and achieved in your previous job is more enticing than what you did as part of your job responsibilities. Therefore, highlight your key accomplishments in a separate section on your resume to grab recruiters’ attention.

5. Don’t focus on resume length

Recruiters do not judge candidature basis the length of your resume. Many job seekers try to build the resume length to maximum pages to make the recruiter consider them perfect applicants. However, quality matters more than quantity when it comes to shortlisting a candidate. Try to keep your resume clutter-free, and mention important details that build your case for the job you are applying for. Moreover, once you are shortlisted for a personal interview, recruiters give enough opportunity to tell about yourself that can be used as the right platform to let the recruiter know more about you that is not mentioned in the resume.

6. Proof-read before hitting the submit button

Grammatical errors, typo issues, and incomplete sentences in your resume are the biggest red flags in your job search. Such mistakes matter a lot to recruiters when shortlisting a candidate. therefore, it is always recommended that you always proofread your resume before sending it ahead to the recruiter.

7. Proof-read before hitting the submit button

Last, but not least, stay honest when sharing your details with recruiters in your resume. Sooner or later, things get easily revealed that can be dreadful for your job search at the later stage.

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