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6 critical mistakes you must avoid during work from home

In this COVID 19 pandemic, work from home has become the new norm for the country’s IT workforce. Some might find work from home convenient and comfortable but the responsibility of employees increases as they now have to follow more discipline and learn new work etiquette. One silly mistake of yours can leave your organisation or at least your team in jeopardy, especially because everyone is working from home and damage control has become tough. Given below are a few technical mistakes that work from home employees must avoid.

Hackers are now targeting home networks and you might have critical information that must not be leaked at any cost. This should be your first priority to work on a secure network. If you can arrange for a VPN, that is the best; otherwise try to install a firewall to avoid any potential cyber attack while you are working from home.

There is a saying, “keep your work away from home”. Well, that doesn’t set completely true in the current scenario but at least do not save your official work on your personal Google Drive or email account. Thsi can accidentally leak the data and lead to dangerous consequences in future

It is important that you use another browser or private browsing mode for personal internet surfing. The IT team in most organisations keeps tab on the information relieved and received from an official system. This may create embarrassing situations for you.

For the same good reason stated above, it is highly advisable that you do not store your personal stuff on a work computer. Additionally, there are chances that you need to submit that laptop to the IT department and get a new one any day you join the office. If utmost necessary, then keep your personal data in a separate folder and mark it with personal stuff ta

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