Employer Branding in the Middle East and North

In today’s digital era, jobseekers are highly tech savvy and are more attracted to anything available online or through the screens of their phones and tablets. This applies to the information they need to find about an employer or a company in all of their job application and career building stages, making employer branding more important than ever. What are the benefits of employer branding to jobseekers? Let’s find out.

Key highlights:

·  94.7% of the region’s jobseekers want companies to engage with them via online job sites.

·  7 out of10 MENA respondents said ‘ease of attracting job seekers’ is the main benefit of employer branding.

·  93% of MENA jobseekers research a company online before applying for a job.

·  82.3% of respondents believe that it is ‘difficult’ to learn about company culture and work environment before applying for a job, including3 in4 respondents saying it is ‘very difficult’.

Data for the2018 NGT ‘Employer Branding in the Middle East and North Africa’ poll was collected online from June10,2018, to August02,2018. Results are based on a sample of 8,681 respondents. Countries that participated are the UAE, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Others.

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