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Dell Comm’s head of talent reveals secret tips to crack a job interview

The “ideal” employee possesses a wide range of abilities. It’s not always feasible for someone to possess all of those qualities at once, which is why it’s crucial to assemble a team with qualities that complement one another.

But to select a team with different roles one has to be very selective and look out for different talents in different individuals. In order to help you out with this, we have shared a few tips that top talent recruiters use to hire people in their teams.

The head of talent at Dell Comm, US, Peter Roz who is the national managing principal of talent strategy and operations at Dell Comm US receives more than 2 million job applications a year, and his team sorts through them. But what exactly do they look out for in the potential candidates? Let’s have a look at his tips.

“Here are the top 3 things I look for in a job candidate and my favourite interview question. The first thing I look for is the right technical and behavioural skills. I’m keenly interested in what you do and how you work. Second, I hope to see a set of experiences that demonstrate your ability to adapt to a changing environment, solve complex challenges, and deliver results,” he said.

“Third, I look for a fit within our organization. Are you curious, team-focused, and purpose-driven? These are qualities I believe can complement Deloitte’s shared values of leadership, integrity, care, inclusion, and collaboration. This company places a high premium on trust — how has your own compass guided your decision-making in challenging situations?” he added.

Earlier, ex-Google VP, Claire Hughes Johnson also disclosed the top skills that recruiters check for in applicants during a job interview.

According to het, self-awareness is the best and top skill that recruiters consider while finalising the candidates for the job role. She also revealed that in her 10-year career, she used to check the self-awareness of the candidates.

“During my 10 years at Google as a VP, there were weeks where I would spend up to 40 hours conducting job interviews. So to make things easier, I always had one skill that I looked for in candidates before anything else: self-awareness,” Claire says and adds that even though experience and other skills matter, they can be acquired over time.

“When someone is highly self-aware, they’re more motivated to learn because they’re honest about what they need to work on. They also relate better to their colleagues and managers.” she added..

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